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Photo Booths are NOT just for Weddings!


We have all been to weddings and jumped into the photo booth!  We have made duck faces, mean faces, cute faces and faces we cannot explain.  These images print out and are later placed on your fridge, office desk, mirror, locker or dashboard.  These places are seen by many people each day and they are able to share in the moment you had.  People love pictures and it never ceases to capture their attention!  What if we went beyond the wedding, the birthday party, the mitzvah, and brought the same photo booth into the corporate environment with a few twists and turns, but the same fun?!

Photo booths, much like anything else, have come a long way since 10 cents bought you a picture with your favorite girl or guy along the boardwalk.  Photo booths can now become a tool to attract new customers or launch new products — all while letting your customers or employees have fun!

Rock the Booth can help your company jump out in the world of social media.  Our photo booths not only have the ability to connect your photos to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but we can also connect your company’s information and branding, drawing in customers that may not have known about you before.  Social media allows people to share what they see.  If others like it, it can be passed around to thousands, if not millions, of social media accounts in just the first day.  People want something more than a logo or link to information, they want FUN!  They want to share things that are different and one-of-a-kind, and Rock the Booth can help get your company there!

Imagine launching a new product and reaching thousands of people, without the high costs of print, radio, or TV advertising.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to throw a product-launch gathering that is not only about business, but also about letting your employees and clients have fun?  Not only do you get your product and information out through the use of our photo booth and social media, but those who have worked hard to reach this achievement get to relax, have fun, and take home photo mementos of the event!

Rock the Booth is more than something you find at parties, and we can do much more than take photos!  Rock the Booth is not just a novelty, but a unique way to market your business!

For more information, please visit or call 734-237-1269.

Deeeeeetroit Basketball!


Are you attending one of the Detroit Piston’s Friday home games this season?  Stop by the North Pavilion during Power Hour (5:30–7:30pm) and snap some FREE photos while you get ready for the game!  We’ve partnered up with the Pistons this year and will have a booth set up for your photo pleasure, complete with some awesome Pistons props supplied by the great folks at The Palace.  Not only can you walk away with a custom memento of the game, but we’ve also got our new sharing kiosks set up so you can instantly post your pics to Facebook, Twitter, or email them to yourself!  Be sure to stop by and rock the booth!  GO PISTONS!

Nov 22 2013 18:55PM 7.453 cc770fb7,

November 29, vs. LA Lakers
December 13, vs. Brooklyn Nets
December 20, vs. Charlotte Bobcats
January 17, vs. Utah Jazz
January 24, vs. New Orleans Pelicans
February 7, vs. Brooklyn Nets
February 21, vs. Atlanta Hawks
March 28, vs. Miami Heat

One more round, Mom!


Today’s Photo of the Week shows just how addictive the photo booth can be!  Photo-lovers often leave an event with their own small collection of images…and why not?!  With unlimited photos, the more the merrier!

POTW 8-20-13

Great Expressions!


Today’s Photos of the Week display one of our favorite things about photo booths ~ the hilarious variety of expressions that people put on their faces!  THIS is why the giggles are so contagious!  It’s also why renting a Michigan photo booth makes for such a memorable event…you get to re-live all those moments afterward!

potw 6-12-13--1

potw 6-12-13--2

Michigan Photo Booth Pic of the Week ~ 5.22.13


Harry, I think you’ve found ‘the one’!  Why resign yourself to classic black when you can rock a pale blue tuxedo and stand out from the crowd?!

May 17 2013 18:50PM 7.453 cc770fb7, blue tux 2

Ann Arbor Photo Booth Pic of the Week ~ 4.30.13


We were happy to be part of Wayne County HFS Head Start’s ‘Evening With Dad’ event last week, and today’s Ann Arbor Photo Booth Pic of the Week highlights just how adorable some daddy-daughter love can be!

Apr 25 2013 18:27PM 7.453 cc770fb7,

Rock the Red Carpet!


We’re happy to announce a new option here at Rock the Booth ~ make your guests feel like celebrities with our red carpet and velvet rope upgrade!

red carpet

It’s the perfect addition to take your elegant event to the next level.  Not only will guests feel pampered, but it’s the perfect way to highlight the photo booth and ensure that it gets tons of use!  Contact us to check availability and pricing for your event!

red carpet 2

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm


Today’s Photos of the Week comes from the Affirmations Spring Bash.  This fabulous group of gentlemen were full of awesome facial expressions, including this pensive image:

potw 4-16-13

We customized a group of green screen backgrounds for their event, including the gay pride rainbow above.  People had a blast posing with the other spy-theme images as well!

potw 4-16-13-2

The New Mustache


Today’s Photo of the Week showcases some creative young peeps who are way ahead of the mustache trend.  Don’t have any props nearby?  No problem!  Make your own mustache out of wedding cake frosting!  Not only does it look fabulous, but it tastes that way too!  😉

potw 4-2-13

Aw Mom!


Today’s Photo of the Week shows what happens when a sweet mother tries to give her son a kiss ~ ew, no way mom!  😉

potw 3-12-13

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