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Comcast Campaign Launch


Comcast is launching a brand new customer service campaign, and wanted to reward their hardworking employees with a day of fun.  Enter RtB!  Everyone had a blast with the prop box…and hey, I’m sure all the free ice cream and popcorn didn’t hurt either!  Now don’t get your hopes up, we haven’t added ice cream to our repertoire yet – that was supplied by a local caterer.  :)


Stephanie & Daniel's Wedding


Stephanie and Dan’s wedding was a blast, we especially liked all of Stephanie’s DIY touches!  In fact, she’s actually going to be compiling all the photo strips into her own scrapbook for an awesome wedding memento.  We’re glad we could be a part of it!  Stephanie, if you’re reading this, we’d love to see it when it’s finished!


Rachel & Daniel's Wedding


Not only are Rachel and Dan a fun couple, but they’re actually friends of ours, so it was twice as cool to have a booth at their wedding!  We love watching everyone’s reaction to the booth, and this crowd in particular was loving it…Rachel and Dan are going to have a fun time flipping through their scrapbook today!


In the beginning…..



Well, we figured it was finally time to join the rest of the modern world, and thus, the new RtB blog has been born!  We look forward to sharing some sneak peaks from events, as well as news about our business and the world of photo booths.  We hope you enjoy it!

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