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This week’s photo hails from Kumon Detroit’s Branch Dinner last week, and gets a nod for creative use of props!


Introducing: Photo of the Week!


When you work in an industry that is centered around photos, you inevitably see a huge range of images.  From pictures that make you laugh out loud to ones that melt your heart, we have the pleasure of witnessing all your smiles, quirky poses, and strange faces!  Since we take literally thousands of pictures every week, there’s no reasonable way to share them all, but we’re beginning a new tradition to highlight some of the best of the best!  Thus, we’re excited to introduce our Photo of the Week, featuring one image or photo strip from the previous week’s events that struck a chord in us — maybe a funny chord, maybe a cute or a weird chord — and made us want to share it with you!

To start us off, POTW #1 features a supremely coordinated effort by 7 young ladies!  It seems simple enough, but try to get any 7 people in the booth to do the same thing for 4 straight photos, and you’ll understand why this one deserves a nod!

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