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The New Mustache


Today’s Photo of the Week showcases some creative young peeps who are way ahead of the mustache trend.  Don’t have any props nearby?  No problem!  Make your own mustache out of wedding cake frosting!  Not only does it look fabulous, but it tastes that way too!  😉

potw 4-2-13

Photo of the Week ~ 11/12/12


We know exactly how you feel….we want to go to Hawaii too!  How dare the bride & groom honeymoon there without us?!  😉

Detroit Photo Booth Backups


Flower Girls are an important part of any wedding ceremony.  With this in mind you should always have backups.  Take this bride for example – with one flower girl down, she has two more on standby ready to pave the way to the altar with petals.  😉

We take the same approach with our friendly photo booth services at Rock the Booth.  Each of our highly trained attendants has on hand an array of backup gear for every event we do.  You never know what may happen and at RtB, we are prepared for just about anything.  It’s why we are the most reliable booth service in Michigan. Contact Us today to find out more!

Caught Red-Handed!


Today’s Photo of the Week would be perfect for an old-school “wanted” poster!  We can see it now:

“Wiley wedding guest wanted for causing too much
laughter in a Detroit Photo Booth!”

POTW – 9/18/12


This week’s photo selection can be summarized in two words:
Although when you’re the groom, you can usually get away with whatever you want at your own wedding.  😉



Today’s Photo of the Week shows just how addictive this Michigan photo booth can be — once you pop, you can’t stop!  😉  And before you know it, you’ve got an entire fridge full of pics.  We love it!



Today’s Photo of The Week is all about friendship!  Michigan photo booths provide the perfect opportunity to grab your best buddies and jump into the booth for a few fun shots!  😉



Day 31 of National Photo Month is the last of our daily blog posts — just in time for things to get crazy with wedding/grad party/summer party season!  Today we’re going to flash back to our very first event…and if you’ve done your homework, you’ll know that our first event was our own wedding!  :)  While we forgot to do a photo session as just the two of us (shame on us!), we did do a group shot with some siblings.  Can you figure out who we are in the photo?  😉

Sunglasses at Night?


Day 30 of National Photo Month is all about rocking the shades — giant, neon, goofy-looking shades!  Each one of our prop boxes contains at least one pair of extra large sunglasses, and they get endless use throughout events — day or night!  Rock some out at your next event!



Day 29 of National Photo Month features some more fabulous facial expressions!  These two ladies must have been pleasantly surprised at how much fun they were having in the booth that night!  😉


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