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Day 31 of National Photo Month is the last of our daily blog posts — just in time for things to get crazy with wedding/grad party/summer party season!  Today we’re going to flash back to our very first event…and if you’ve done your homework, you’ll know that our first event was our own wedding!  :)  While we forgot to do a photo session as just the two of us (shame on us!), we did do a group shot with some siblings.  Can you figure out who we are in the photo?  😉

Sunglasses at Night?


Day 30 of National Photo Month is all about rocking the shades — giant, neon, goofy-looking shades!  Each one of our prop boxes contains at least one pair of extra large sunglasses, and they get endless use throughout events — day or night!  Rock some out at your next event!



Day 29 of National Photo Month features some more fabulous facial expressions!  These two ladies must have been pleasantly surprised at how much fun they were having in the booth that night!  😉


Hello Kitty


Day 28 of National Photo Month features two adorable little ladies showing off their cat masks.  It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

It’s All About The Bride!


Day 27 of National Photo Month shows off a well-known fact: it’s all about the bride!  In this case, her 9 friends are treating her like a queen!  :)



Day 26 of National Photo Month features a couple great shots from the Okemos High School prom.  Not only were all the students dressed to the nines, but they also had some really fabulous masks to show off in the photos!

Pure Fun


Day 25 of National Photo Month is about the simple things.  One of our favorite things to watch is the pure joy that people experience in the booth.  As corny as it sounds, it’s just plain fun — and you can see it on their faces!  :)



Day 24 of National Photo Month shows off an iconic pose — Charlie’s Angels.  No matter if it’s men or women, young or old, we inevitably see this pose several times at any given event, and it’s just as entertaining every time!



Day 23 of National Photo Month features a sepia photo strip.  Sepia is one of those words that no one knows how to pronounce (including us, until recently…for the record, it’s see-pee-uh).  :)  It’s a bit of the old western vibe, combined with 21st century crisp photo quality.  It’s just one of the three color options that you can offer to your guests (along with color and black & white), and let them decide for themselves!  One thing’s for sure though….it was the perfect color for this western-themed event put on by the Arthritis Foundation!


Mascot Mayhem


Day 22 of National Photo Month features another mascot in our Michigan photo booth!  This time we’ve got Swoop, the mascot from EMU, and his two lovely cohorts hamming it up in the booth!  Go Eagles!

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