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Great Expressions!


Today’s Photos of the Week display one of our favorite things about photo booths ~ the hilarious variety of expressions that people put on their faces!  THIS is why the giggles are so contagious!  It’s also why renting a Michigan photo booth makes for such a memorable event…you get to re-live all those moments afterward!

potw 6-12-13--1

potw 6-12-13--2

Rock the Red Carpet!


We’re happy to announce a new option here at Rock the Booth ~ make your guests feel like celebrities with our red carpet and velvet rope upgrade!

red carpet

It’s the perfect addition to take your elegant event to the next level.  Not only will guests feel pampered, but it’s the perfect way to highlight the photo booth and ensure that it gets tons of use!  Contact us to check availability and pricing for your event!

red carpet 2

The New Mustache


Today’s Photo of the Week showcases some creative young peeps who are way ahead of the mustache trend.  Don’t have any props nearby?  No problem!  Make your own mustache out of wedding cake frosting!  Not only does it look fabulous, but it tastes that way too!  😉

potw 4-2-13

POTW ~ 12.18.12


Today’s photo of the week comes from one of our corporate holiday parties.  Photo booths aren’t just for weddings anymore!  Everyone loves to grab a few mug shots with their co-workers.  We imagine that this man is saying, “BEST PHOTO BOOTH EVERRRRR!”  And frankly, we agree.  :)

Photo of the Week ~ 11/12/12


We know exactly how you feel….we want to go to Hawaii too!  How dare the bride & groom honeymoon there without us?!  😉

POTW ~ 10/23


Today’s Photo of the Week is all about your photo booth persona – there’s just something about disappearing behind that Detroit photo booth curtain that gives people the freedom to become whoever they want.  Pirate?  Yes!  Mustached vigilante?  Absolutely!  Your imagination is the limit!

P.S.  These props-on-a-stick were provided by the bride and groom — aren’t they awesome?!




Today’s Photo of the Week shows just how addictive this Michigan photo booth can be — once you pop, you can’t stop!  😉  And before you know it, you’ve got an entire fridge full of pics.  We love it!

Photo of the Week ~ 7.9.12


If we had to come up with a caption for this imaginative photo, it would go something like this…

Dear Liam,
We miss you so much.  The photo booth is so lonely without you!  Come visit us soon!

Mother Nature


After the craziness of National Photo Month, we’re ready to resume our weekly Photo of the Week posts!  This week features a hilarious photo that shows some wedding guests getting in touch with mother nature.  I think this is the first time we’ve had a plant in our Michigan photo booth!  Who needs props?!  😉

Sunglasses at Night?


Day 30 of National Photo Month is all about rocking the shades — giant, neon, goofy-looking shades!  Each one of our prop boxes contains at least one pair of extra large sunglasses, and they get endless use throughout events — day or night!  Rock some out at your next event!

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