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Ann Arbor Photo Booth Pic of the Week ~ 4.30.13


We were happy to be part of Wayne County HFS Head Start’s ‘Evening With Dad’ event last week, and today’s Ann Arbor Photo Booth Pic of the Week highlights just how adorable some daddy-daughter love can be!

Apr 25 2013 18:27PM 7.453 cc770fb7,



Day 26 of National Photo Month features a couple great shots from the Okemos High School prom.  Not only were all the students dressed to the nines, but they also had some really fabulous masks to show off in the photos!

Pure Fun


Day 25 of National Photo Month is about the simple things.  One of our favorite things to watch is the pure joy that people experience in the booth.  As corny as it sounds, it’s just plain fun — and you can see it on their faces!  :)

We <3 Sparty!


Day 10 of National Photo Month is about school spirit!  We may not be graduates of MSU ourselves, but we can certainly appreciate some spartan pride!  It’s always a blast to have a mascot in the wedding photo booth!

potd 10

The UNformal Portrait


Day 9 of National Photo Month features some lovely ladies from the Garden City prom!  We all have a special place in our hearts for the old-school formal portraits from events like prom, but photo booth pics are like the new-school UNformal portraits.  Don’t worry about having your chin angled just so…instead, bring out your goofy grin, throw on a mask or boa, and let your inner diva come out!  :)

May 05 2012 19:38PM 7.453 cc770fb7,

Show us your Bling!


Day 4 of National Photo Month is all about the bling!  When you just got married and you’re rocking new hardware, you’ve gotta make sure to show it off!  :)

bling 1

bling 2

Photo of the Week


L is for the way you look at me…
O is for the only one I see…
V is very, very extraordinary…
E is even more than anyone that you adore!

Apr 21 2012 23:03PM 7.453 cc8501f8,

Check us out at the Same-Sex Wedding Expo!


The second annual Same-Sex Wedding Expo is coming up, and we’re excited to participate and show our support for the GLBT community!  The event takes place on April 29, 2012 at the Detroit Marriott Livonia, from 1-5pm.  Come visit us at the expo, and snap some free photos in the booth!  We’ll be offering some special discounts just for the peeps at the show, so don’t miss out!

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Photo of the Week


Just a little off the top please!

POTW 4.1

POTW 4.2

Photo of the Week


Nothing says SPRING like flowers…and giant neckties, large facial features and goofy glasses!  :)